You work for Unilin Group and you wouldn’t mind becoming a star ambassador?

We are looking to recruit a large number of new colleagues. And preferably we would like to hire people that you know. For every one of your friends that we hire with your help we will reward you with €1000! You get half when that person starts work and the balance if your friend is still with us after 6 months. To help you in your recruiting activities you will get to star in your own advertising campaign.

How does it work?

It’s really simple. We provide you with all the tools you need to warm your friends to the idea of working for Unilin Group. You get access to a team of advertising specialists including a videographer and photographer. They will help you make your campaign really stand out on your social media. Don’t feel like recording a full video? There are other options! Make posters with your own slogan, paste a headshot of yourself on your car or place a billboard in your garden.

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