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Unilin Group is passionate about new talent. Every year we welcome a large number of Young Graduates who can’t wait to get cracking. Because during our Young Graduate Journey you yourself take the reins. You determine your own career path and where it leads. Curious to find out how that goes?

1. Nice to meet you

At the start of your journey there is one key question: do we click? A job interview – or rather, an initial discussion – will tell us what you look for in a job so we can determine whether your profile fits one of our teams. The job interview mainly helps us to discover your talents so we can put them to best use during the journey and in every stage of your career.

2. It's a match?

Everyone at UNILIN has one thing in common: we all share the unique UNILIN DNA. If you can check off the four Unilin values afvinken   then you will definitely feel at home on our work floor.

3. Craft your own journey

As a Young Graduate in Unilin Group you are the entrepreneur of your own talent. We plot a career path together based on your interests and strengths. At the start of your journey you settle on an area of activity but within that area you will come into contact with various subdomains.

4. Let's grow together

Throughout your career path you will have ample opportunity to grow. Not just professionally but on a personal level as well. Your talent development is more to us than simply a bit of classroom learning. You will be assigned a mentor who will coach you on your path. We back your personal growth for the full 100% but you pull the strings. Your eagerness to learn is a crucial aspect in determining your career path. Open communication & feedback culture are key for us in this regard.

5. Join the Happy Workout

During the Young Graduate Journey you are not only introduced to our jobs but you also get to know the atmosphere on the work floor. Because working at Unilin Group is not just challenging, it’s also loads of fun. Through the Happy Workout we organise events and activities to build an even stronger team spirit. During your onboarding activities are organised where you will get to know fellow Young Graduates.

6. Shape your future career!

Based on your personal interests you can pursue four career paths at Unilin Group: Managing, Broadening, Deepening, Sustaining.

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