Lifelong learning

We are convinced that committed and competent employees are the driving force behind our success. In an environment that is constantly developing, we offer everyone the opportunity to keep learning and growing. Lifelong learning is at the heart of our HR policy. As a business we can only grow if our staff grow.

Your career path

Everyone has unique talents. You know your strengths, needs and ambitions like no one else and that is why you are in the driving seat when it comes to your personal development. Thus you can shape your own role within the organisation. You can build a career in several ways: both horizontally and vertically, locally or internationally, within or outside your division. Helping our people grow internally is an intrinsic part of our policy.

Four different career paths offer something for everyone:

  1. Developing your role as an expert
  2. Managing in a people management or project management role
  3. Expanding your scope to a different function, division or country
  4. Growing in your current role

Training and development support your career choice. Your career path within Unilin Group may consist of one or even a combination of the above.

Learning and development

The success of genuine development is in the mix of formal training, on-the-job experience built through challenging assignments and cooperation, coaching and learning from each other.

  • Naturally your first steps along your chosen path are supported through introductory sessions and training. This is how we introduce you to our organisation, products and unique culture.
  • At Unilin you can acquire a variety of technical competencies and build expertise in our own training centre or via an external programme.
  • Last but not least we also help you in your (inter)personal development in terms of communication, presentation, leadership, project management, etc.

Training offer

We invest in a broad training offer including both collective programmes and individual training and tailored coaching.

  • Open training calendar for all
  • Trainings via Academy
  • Lunch & learning sessions
  • External trainings on demand
  • Team workshops and team building events