We foster a culture of boldness

We all share a unique way of working: the Unilin Way.
Our business culture is built on 4 strong pillars: passion, entrepreneurship, excellence and respect. This allows us to innovate, take initiative and push boundaries.


Respect starts with caring: we aim to be a zero-harm company with a positive culture where everyone looks out for each other and safety is an intrinsic part of our activities. We are also aware of the impact we have on the environment and society at large and we always strive to strike the perfect balance between economic, social and ecological considerations. We respect all our stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers, etc.) taking into account the values and convictions of different cultures.



"When a mistake is made, we don’t search for the guilty party, but look for a solution together. It's okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them."

Sylvie - Customer Service




We all share the same passion for our work and our company. We are passionate about designing the most appealing products of the highest quality and offering the best service. We are energised by innovation, the installation and maintenance of new technologies and the continued optimisation of processes and policy. We challenge the status quo and do more with less.



"The first thing I notice when I enter a room is the floor. "

Christophe - R&D





"We question everything and ‘no’ is not a part of our vocabulary."

Dieter - Operations




We can turn any challenge into a success. We strive for perfection with every fibre of our being. We promote best practices. That is why we constantly question ourselves, why we think about the reasons behind processes and why we discuss alternatives. Our ultimate goal: achieving excellence in everything we do. We aim to have the best organisation and lead every market in which we are active. Speed of implementation, agressive cost control and discipline are of the essence.



Work ethic and entrepreneurship are engrained in our DNA: the sky is the limit as long as you work hard and invest in people and technology in an intelligent way. Working for Unilin Group is like working for your own company. Together we are a team of entrepreneurs driven by the will to be successful. Collaboration is our credo. Everyone thinks with everyone else. Thanks to our holistic vision we see the impact of our actions throughout the organisation. When delegating we retain final responsibility and we foster initiative and debate with respect for everyone’s input. We take calculated risks and adjust to changing circumstances. In making decisions we focus on the long term and we anticipate future developments



"We are not traders, but innovators and educators, we offer service and solutions to our customers."

Niall - Sales





"We like to think
outside the box."

Stefaan - Supply chain





"We give our opinion and share our thoughts and ideas. No matter how big or small an idea, in the end it makes a difference."

Dmytro - Sales












"We take ownership, we are not afraid to take initiative, even if something is outside our job description."

Laurent - R&D




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