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Within Unilin there are several ways to build a career. To our way of thinking, one path is no more important than another because we strive for a good mix in order to reach our business goals. Your career path can be a combination of different angles. It’s important to know yourself and find a good match between your abilities and your ambitions. Focus on your talents!

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Expertise in various domains (R&D, automation, new sales and marketing approaches, digitalisation, ...) is the ideal approach if you want to be a front runner in our business. You draw energy from deepening your knowledge and developing into an expert in your field.

Discover the career path of Nazrina Mohamad.

"My career at Unilin began in 2015 as a Quality Inspector. The following year I was promoted to Quality Auditor while continuing working at the Frame Saw section in Roughmill. When the Quality Manager, Vicky, asked me to learn about grading, I was unsure at first because grading is very subjective and requires a lot of patience to understand, but surprisingly, I have learned it fast. My passion for grading continues to grow day by day.

In addition of Quality, I worked on few projects with the Suffect Effects team, face checking with the Putty team, and upgrading with the RND team. I am really proud of myself because I currently serve as Unilin's Grading Reference, commonly known as the Grading Expert. Without the help of my co-workers and the confidence of my manager, who has been very supportive of me throughout my eight years at Unilin, I could never have succeeded in my current position as a Quality Specialist in which currently my expertise has been benefited by both MY and Romanian plant. I will always think that everything is possible if I have passion."

Nazrina's career path

Quality Inspector

Quality Auditor

Quality Specialist


You grow alongside the organisation on a manager track. This can be a people management role for a small or even a large team. Change management is an important aspect in this context.

Discover the career path of Muhammad Amin Zakaria.

"I started at Unilin as a Production Engineer in 2020 and was promoted after one year to Production Manager of the Lamination department which focuses on the engineered wooden floor manufacturing. My passion towards managing was originally first triggered in my previous company when I was leading a project of 275kV transmission cable which was actually Malaysia’s first success in manufacturing.

My primary motivation as a manager is to make people's life simpler by stabilizing the environment around me including processes, manpower, and so on.

Unilin's culture inspires me as it is continuously evolving at a dynamic pace. Everyone has the right, and is even encouraged, to express their opinions. Furthermore, there is no hierarchy when it comes to teamwork as equal empowerment is provided to each one of us.

My proudest improvement milestone thus far has been stabilising the lamination process and increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with only minor investments."

Amin's career path

Production Engineer

Production Manager


You keep an open mind to other functional domains, departments or regions. Changing roles or taking part in a project broadens your view of the company.

Discover the career path of Choon Kuan Koo.

"I joined Unilin in 2017 as Production Manager for Roughmill department. During my 3 years in Roughmill, I familiarized myself with the wood industry. The primary focus in that department was to maximize the utilization of raw material usage, prepare and supply the material according to the specification for the next production department, Lamination. In 2020, a need arose in the Finishing department, which led to an interesting transition for me, from front to the back end of the production process. In 2022, I continued to broaden my area of responsibility by taking up the challenge of managing both Finishing and Profiling department all together. On top of that, I am also collaborating with HR department on the Production Engineer continuous development program (PE 3.0) across the factory since 2021.

Being able to explore different processes and operations around UNILIN is what makes my career interesting and motivates me to push through."

Mr. Koo's career path

Production Manager Roughmill

Production Manager Finishing

Production Manager Finishing & Profiling


You continue to grow in your current role and strive to be the best at what you do. You are proud of the quality of your work and the service you provide. You are a genuine pillar of our company

Discover the career path of Emily Chan:

"I joined Malaysia Wood Industries (MWI) in 1988 as a Secretary, reporting to the General Manager. As my passion and eagerness to learn and to contribute grew, I broadened my role of Secretary in 2005 with the Foreign Material Purchasing role assisting the General Manager. It was a challenge as I needed to ensure the availability of raw material with the right quality, right quantity and at the right time.  Managing the long term relationship with vendors was crucial due to the scarcity of lumber.

In 2007, MWI was acquired by Mohawk Industries and became part of Unilin. Since then I sustained my role and grew further in the administrative operations as the Office Assistant Manager reporting to the Plant Manager. I highly value keeping confidential matters and gaining trust from the company.

Time really flies as I have been working here for 35 years. Unilin is like a family to me. With the co-operation from my colleagues, working here is never a problem.  I will continue to do my best in supporting the company to achieve its ambitious goals."

Emily's career path


Office Assistant Manager

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