Safety & well-being


Unilin Group strives to become a zero-harm company. This means a place where safety is an intrinsic part of our way of working and that is characterised by a positive and caring business culture. This way we can send everyone safe and sound at the end of the working day.

We work towards this goal every single day, on the one hand by continually making our machine park safer through our technical services and on the other hand through employee training and coaching. With regard to major safety risks clear ground rules are in place that are shared with new arrivals from day one and that apply to the Unilin Group as a whole. In addition your immediate superior will coach you in your specific task. We often organise workshops and moments of learning, we report risks and celebrate those departments that remain accident-free.

And this is of crucial importance: in the Unilin Group you can address any person that you feel is at risk! This is how we look out for each other every single day.


We place maximum focus on well-being, in all of its aspects. In addition to working on a safe and healthy work environment we also foster a positive work climate where people feel comfortable, are challenged and can continue to develop themselves.

We offer a broad range of workshops, activities and training programmes.